Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Something strange

One of the most confusing aspects of ME is this. According to ME, if a thing ever has, does or will exist, it exists at all times. This is hard to grasp, and of course it is tough to grasp. I hypothesize, based on outside reading (Jason will get this soon) that we as three dimensional creatures only affected by the fourth dimension do not have the capacity to understand ME.
Think about it in terms of mathematical dimensionality. We are 3 dimensional creatures, yes? when we look at a two dimensional object, like the painting The Last Supper, we can see everything that exists within that painting at once. we see all the people, that halo thingy, the food, the window, etc. We see it all, because it's flat.
However, go inside one of the disciples minds for a moment. They cannot see much of their surroundings. From a 2 dimensional viewpoint, their "flat," 2 dimensional view of say, the dude at the end of the table is obstructed by someone sitting in the way. however, that doesn't mean that people sitting at the end of the table dont exist. Now, throw time in, pretend it's a Movie Last supper. the guy in the middle of the two disciples moves, and the first disciple says, hey, that guy at the end of the table just appeared from nowhere. We, as 3 dimensional creatures, know that that guy at the end of the table was always there, but the 2 dimensional dude did not. This argument can follow for a 2 vs 1 dimensional world too.
We are described by 3 spatial dimensions and some would say one temporal dimension. It seems more than likely that you can extrapolate the previous situations to ours, that point of view matters. In class we discussed perception as being totally key to TT, so mathematically speaking, it would take infinite perception to grasp all perceptions possible at once. But, just as the 2 dimensional disciple could assume there were more people "over there," based on prior knowledge, So, I think can we.
Basically, I'm saying that something hard to grasp isn't necessarily false.
CITE: Michio Kaku.


Blogger Kate said...

this also brings in a pyshological concept. We use cognitive heuristics constantly in life because we do not have the capacity to absorb everything at every moment. We are in a sense "cognitive misers" This fits into the idea of just because you don't see somehting doesn't mean it doesn't exist. for instance i could be in a big hurry and not see my roommate when i walk into my room, that does not mean that she doesn't exist, believe me i do not have a single...

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Blogger Dan McCormick said...

Which brings up two interesting points.
1) If a two-dimensional reality needs three dimesions to be fully described, and our 3 dimesnional world needs 4 dimesions, where does the progression stop? Surely we would like to say there is indeed a finite number of dimensions, but the choice of where to stop seems arbitrary.

2) If everything that did exist still does, and everything that will exist does as well, does that suggest that there are an infintite number of objects. Surely there seems to be a near infinite pieces of mater, and an infinite number of orientations in which they could be arranged. Thus, every combonations of those particles exist as an object in some temporal sense, and there are an infinite number of objects. Is this sound? The conclusion seems odd.

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