Wednesday, May 04, 2005

4d Continuity problems

So, the 4d theory of objects seems good, with only slight complications. It does however solve the paradox of the ship of Thesies right? I argue no. Alter the ship of thesis argument slightly. Time is relative, so it is conceivable some object and move through time slower or faster than another object. (This effect is noticeable on the twin paradox, in which one of the twins goes into space at the speed of light while the other remains on earth and their age become different) Well, suppose a space ship made out of a super new material called “super planks.” Supper planks have the interesting metaphysically property that once they get old and worn out, they stop moving forward through time as fast as other objects until eventually they completely stop existing and moving through time. (These are really good for space ship building though, and thus the fact that they stop moving through time is a small price to pay for their superior performance in space ship hulls) Well, the ship of thesis (made out of super planks) would soon need new planks to replace the old ones. According to the 4d theory, the ship has already been destroyed (it is missing temporal parts --- the super planks) But try telling that to the people on the ship, which is still traveling through space. Furthermore, according to the 4d theory, the ship would never exist and a new ship would never exist made out of replacements, because as soon as one plank wears out, the ship is destroyed. It would constantly be a non ship collection of super planks. Well, I don't know if I misinterpreted the 4d theory or what but feel free to post.


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