Wednesday, May 04, 2005

An argument that Chisholm Nuggets can't exist

These "nuggets" lead to interesting properties. For example, if I stabbed someone, they would still be the same person, but if I hit their nugget, they would become a different person. It seems odd that doing the same thing can have dirrerent effects if done to different locations of the body. Also, if the nugget exists, it would be possible to put someone's nugget in someone else's body, which means that someone would in fact be two people. This nugget would have to have some interesting properties if that were possible. It would have to be part of the brain, because if it was any other fleshy thing, it wouldn't make sense that two people can be in the same body IE. if the nugget is your left arm, it makes little sense that someone with someone else's left arm attached to them is two people in the same body. The brain however is constantly remaking itself (cells don't last forever and need to be replaced) so the nugget must also incorperate this replacement system as well. I don't know if anyone actually belives in the nugget, so this post may be pointless, but if anyone can think of a good reason to belive them, or a better reason to deny them, post it here.


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