Monday, January 31, 2005

"Theseus" Peer Review

First off, thanks Dan, for being the first to take a leap and leave a post. In case you have not noticed, Dan has a very interesting post just below this one on Unger. Check it out and tell him why you think he's wrong or why you think that those who think he's wrong are wrong.

Second, here is the peer review assignment for next Monday. Please type up your answers and make sure you answer all of the questions. Comment to this post if you have questions or run into trouble. I am going out of town but I will try to check the blog while I'm gone. Also, comment to Dan's post. Here's the assignment:

Review your peer's "Theseus" argument.

1. Does the argument have the correct conclusion?
2. Following the guidelines in the Argument Manual, symbolize your peer's argument.
3. Is the argument valid?
4. If so, by what forms do its conclusions follow?
5. If it's not valid, what suggestions can you give to help make the argument valid?
6. Has your peer correctly identified the premises that would be denied by proponents of ME, TT, and N, respectively?
7. How can you tell?
8. Is your peer's citation correct?
9. If not, suggest ways to improve it.


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